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The villa Fort France garden in Grasse is an Artist's garden. The harmony of shapes and colours as well as diversity of species makes it unique.

Villa Fort France was built by Lady Fortescue, a British author, who wrote there her best seller entitled "Perfume from Provence"

In the garden, the concept of biodiversity is brought to life. The banning of all chemical treatment paves the way to a sustainable equilibrium of fauna and flora (e.g. birds use thilensias to build their nests).

The garden is open for visits as follows:

1) Groups (Min 10 pers) :

By appointment from 15 April 2020 to end of June and from 15 September.

The charge is 12€ per person

2) Individuals

During "rendez vous aux jardins" 4 visits are scheduled:

Saturday 6 June and Sunday 9 June : visits at 10h and 15h

All visits are guided tours.

Price Is 10 € per person.

Additional visits open to individuals may happen. Please contact me


3) Private visit for groups less than 10 persons:

By appointment. Flat rate: 120€

Garden Address: 237 avenue Antoine de Saint Exupéry 06130 Grasse

                                GPS: E 06 56 54 60 - N: 43 40 32 60

For more information please contact Valérie

Tel. +33 4 93 36 04 94


A very nice article about the garden of Fort France has been published in the prestigious magazine of the RHS "THE GARDEN" in the June 2015 issue.

We are very proud  as we know that it's a reference in the gardens community. We accept it as a recognition of our 23 years passionate work in our garden

Thank you very much to David, Clive and Jeremy for having allowed this publication

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